This is a website  of my  life history of childhood Sexual Abuse. I never had a child life, I always felt like I was the adult from taking care of my siblings, and cooking and cleaning etc. I was Sexually Abused from five years old till 17. This my blog about me now as Survivor. Mathew 7: 1 says Judge not, that ye be not judged. I am a strong woman of God, and there are times when I can become unbalance at times, but I get back up and dust myself off, and do it again. Thoughts can be the tool to the devil uses to keep us in the past of our past. Get out of the Victim mole, and come back to being a Victor.!!!!!  Dysfunctional families tear down self-esteem, and healthy family brings you up!! If you are experiencing sexual abuse please don’t be afraid to contact someone you can trust, or contact RAINN!